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Share Your Diet Plans through Ontraport Software

Ontraport is the intimate solution for any marketing communication. When you design a diet plan and you want to share it with your subscribers within a short time and tailor it to only be sent to your subscribers Ontraport offers the best platform. The effective marketing communication toolkit allows you to reach your subscribers through effective automated Email system and text messages to convey the diet plans.

Design the Plans

The software has a great platform with templates for designing the diet plans and tailor them to meet your subscribers taste. The membership sites can be able to store numerous numbers of Email lists, and telephone contacts to be used as mail and text recipients.

Plugin Integration

The software has various integrations with value added services to suit different types of Email campaigns like diet plans. Some of the plugins include membership registration, WordPress integration, landing pages and microsites. These help in interaction with the guests to get feedback as well as build relationships with third parties. The toolkit is also integrated with social media platforms to help get feedback and for social interaction. You can use the positive criticism to improve and provide the right content to your clients.

Building Brand

Ontraport can help you build your brand and increase your online presence. The diet plans can be a platform for the demand of more relevant content.

Multi-Marketing Channels

The diet plans are content for many clusters of different subscribers. Ontraport has a great multi-marketing channel with diverse clickfunnels, which you can use to set the email listing to suit the relevant recipient. It ensures the diet plans are only shares to the right cluster using the right click funnel. Since we are talking about marketing, your diet plan channel should have beautiful landing pages.

Online Course Management

Ontraport offers a great platform where you can share the diet plans in form of a course. It allows the recipients to register for a course and tailor the course using the already existing diet plans. This improves the content management between the business and clients.

Tracking of Subscribed Emails

The software allows you to monitor and tracks any actions taken by the recipients and take any timely actions to ensure you respond to any queries within the software. The notification system is effective and you cannot miss out to take any actions because of the software constant reminders. To totally not miss anything out, you should have an email and document features:

Launch Membership Sites

The membership site is a great tool in the Ontraport system to capture Email and generate leads through the sharing platforms it has on the toolkit. Once you share the diet plans, recipients can increase their sharing integration to help any new members be registered and enrolled in the business as well as added to the subscriber’s lists for future communication of more diet plans and marketing campaigns tools the business develops.


Ontraport is an affordable marketing automation solution for both new and experienced businesses. It has better pricing plans for a different number of subscriptions. It also has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Email automation and plug-in integration to help in running different marketing strategies.



The Benefits of Playing Ping Pong While on Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is free of gluten got from dairy products and processed food. They are known to reduce energy levels of an individual. Ping Pong is a physical intensive game, which requires a lot of energy to enhance on endurance levels of the player. Paleo diet is rich in energy and uses natural minerals and vitamins which provide the right nutrition for a Ping Pong player. An athlete needs to practice everyday that’s why they should have a healthy diet that could sustain a healthy body and mind. Exercise and practice ping pong with the use of paddle itself, to know more about it, check this out:

Body Free from Toxins

Some minor ailments like asthma, stomach upsets and allergy are caused by consumption of processed foods; they hinder a Ping Pong player’s performance. Paleo diet lacks gluten which has many toxins which hinder the normal functioning of the body systems.


High Energy Levels

Since the diet lacks gluten, the body functions normally and there is added energy, which is vital for playing Ping Pong. The paleo diet converts foods to energy instead of fats which cause weight addition and in turn affects body movement of a table tennis player.


Reduces Pains

Pain is because of disruption of the normal body functioning.  Paleo diet enhances normal functioning hence reduces back aches or fatigue after an intensive game.


Enhance Absorption of Nutrients

Paleo diet improves absorption of nutrients faster to the blood stream and later converted to energy. Sugars and gluten meals are referred to anti-nutrients due to their ability to reduce absorption of nutrients making the body frail and tired all the time. They are also responsible for allowing undigested food to be absorbed in the villi of the small intestines making excretion a nightmare. This is uncomfortable for the player and it reduces his performance.


Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal body function but when it becomes a norm, it is a sign of a reaction to food. Paleo diet reduces inflammation making the player healthy and stronger to attack and face an intensive game with ease.


Maintains Gut Health

Paleo diet maintains good bacteria in the body, which boosts the immune system. It does not provide an environment for bad bacteria to thrive eliminating the good bacteria naturally found in the body. This ensures the gut is healthy to carry out normal functioning and keeps diseases like ulcers and gut-related illnesses at bay. The moments gut walls are damaged, toxins and foreign foods cannot be filtered they find their way directly to the blood stream; this has serious detrimental side effects. A Ping Pong player with a serious gut challenge cannot play the vigorous game.


Maintains the PH of the Body

Paleo diet has the ability to maintain the acidity or alkalinity levels of different body organs. This has a ripple effect on overall body functioning. The body will fight any foreign toxins on its own without any medicines. This means a player on this diet is always healthy and can practice as well as train Ping Pong on a daily basis without feeling fatigue, inflammation or pain.

Palo diet is recommended because of the health benefits it accords the body.

Since we have discussed the healthy benefits of a Paleo diet, let’s check other resources for any facts about Ping Pong. Please click the link for more information:





Choosing offset smokers for your Paleo diet

Offset smoker is a grilling equipment characterized by cooking using hot air and smoke originating from the firebox on the extreme end of the smoker at a slightly lower level. Take an in-depth look with the reviews provided here.  They are designed with much consideration of various areas ideal for its usage. The design ensures the food is well smoked and the opposite side of the firebox is a chimney which directs the smoke to the outside environment. The market has various designs for smokers but they all lie in the same concept of passing hot air under the meat.

Offset smokers provide timely solutions to challenges offered by traditional smokers where there was no order in which smoke emitted was directed making it cumbersome cooking method.

 Factors to consider when acquiring an offset smoker

Heat regulation

A good smoker should be able to regulate the amount of heat passed to the meat. If there is too much heat, it leads to food burning yet the inner parts of the meat are raw. Ironically, regulation of heat is through control of the amount of oxygen. Air supports burning, the firebox should have a door, which can be opened and closed to regulate the flow of air hence heat regulation.

Reverse flow technology

The smoker is built on a reverse heat flow technology to maintain the right temperature in the  food compartment. How is this possible? There are three compartments in the smoker- the chimney, firebox, and the food plate. Heat originates at the firebox, once hot wood or charcoal is placed, the heat flows through perforated small holes to the food plate. The chimney is the avenue where any smoke produced is directed. It has a large hole, the pressure systems and surface area to volume ratio concept does not allow the smoke to reverse back to the firebox but directed to the chimney, making the food maintain its temperature.


Ensure the smoker is made with the concept of the cooking method considered. Look at the type of metal used. Steel is the most ideal for an offset smoker due to its ability to conduct heat and not rust when in contact with fluids especially water. Steel is also easy to clean and handle.

Flexible lids

Ensure your offset cooker has flexible lids to support frequent opening and closing. Check on the joints and the type of hinges used if they are long lasting.

Availability of other accessories

Ensure you have other accessories attached to your offset cooker. Some may be inbuilt while others are detachable. Accessories include grill plates, ash collector, charcoal remover, trailer, and shelves. The manual will guide you if they are part of the package and if not consider buying for future use.

Test all the compartments

Do not just pick the smoker and load it in your car, and go with it, get the smoker that is worth the money! Test for any blockages to prove the reverse system is functional, if there are any blockages. This will help you detect any manufacturer’s malfunctions to be corrected or replaced.

Despite the traditional concept of the smoker, it is still widely used for barbecue meals.


Use Greenworks 21212 4AMP to guarantee your barefoot lifestyle

Shoes have become part of our attire but going barefoot offers a relaxing mood to enjoy what nature has to offer. However, this is only possible when the environment is comfortable and conducive. Greenworks 21212 4 AMP is one such tool to reduce the level of grass and get rid of weeds and other plants within your compound.


Barefoot lifestyle can be fun when the ground is smooth and free from thorns and tall grass, which can cause harm to the foot. Greenworks 21212 4AMP trims and eradicates all the weeds making walking or running barefoot an amazing experience. Barefoot lifestyle offers a relaxing experience while at home. The machine also keeps the grass short such that you are sure there are no poisonous animals like snakes, which hide in the grass and thorns, walking barefoot makes you vulnerable to animal bites like snake bites. A bushy area is a good habitat for small insects which can also cause harm when walking barefoot, the tool ensure the grass is cut and placed in a remover making it clear from any grass and weed. It also levels the grass for a pleasant landscape. Usually, the material used to create the home tools that we have is from wood lathe, you can check other information here:

Benefits of Greenworks 21212 4AMP in Barefoot Lifestyle

The tool is strong enough to handle tough weeds and grass which can cause discomfort when walking barefoot. The easy to handle machine rotates at a 180-degrees, meaning that it can be able to clear weeds at whatever depths ad heights. This means it can maneuver at all angles within the compound to clear all bushes and tough grass.



The machine can handle multiple functions using its various parts designed for different functions. It has a button for mulching, side tossing of trash and automated cutting function. These functions mean the machine clears the mess once it has cut the grass.


Lightweight and User-Friendly

The machine ensures it trims the grass to a better level for barefoot lifestyle. The simple machine can be used by beginners since it is simple in its functionality. The simplicity is also attributed to the adjustable handle to suit different heights and depths.


Automated Machine

All the functions are automated making it an easier option in the Greenworks series of trimmers. In just a click of a button the machine can move swiftly within the yard; you are able to meet all the trimming needs. We also have another automated machine that could make your life easier and that is the ROCKWELL RK7033.
Barefoot lifestyle is only possible within your front and back yard; the machines is only ideal for small yards and not commercial purposes. It is also an affordable tool for any small homeowner. It enhances the awesome benefits barefoot lifestyle offers to individuals like great muscle strength, relaxing mood, improved sensations, philosophical mind engagement,  provides a good posture, foot fitness, improves the structure of the feet and ankles. All these benefits can only be achieved when there is a perfect ground to walk with barefoot. This machine is a must-have for any homeowner who would like to enjoy the maximum benefits of a barefoot lifestyle.




Paleo:Brewing Coffee

Paleo:Brewing Coffee

paleoliving_____mornings_are_better_after_your_first_paleo_diet_coffeeFor most espresso lovers, espresso is not just a cup of coffee; it is a way of life. For most, the question remains whether one should get a manual espresso maker or a super automatic espresso maker. Most baristas advocate for a manual espresso maker because it provides greater control over the brewing process. However, there are a number of automatic espresso makers that provide an adequate brewing process and a perfect cup of coffee. If you decide to get a super automatic espresso maker you have an easier time making the coffee, as well as, cleaning after the brewing process. If you want to embrace the espresso lifestyle, the first step is to acquire an automatic espresso maker to make it with ease. The automatic espresso maker you buy should have at least the following features:

  • Programmable water quantity
  • An alternative to use for ground coffee
  • Coffee quantity program
  • Shot strength selection
  • Latte and Cappuccino option
  • Warranty from the manufacturer

An espresso machine with these options will help you get started off on the right path to an espresso lifestyle. The next step entails figuring out the best recipe for your espressos. There are a few factors that affect the quality of an espresso

    Grind Size

The grind size determines the quality of espresso you make. If the grind size is extra fine, the machines ability to pass water through the coffee is affected. On the other hand, the cream will be impossible to attain if the grind size turns out to be too coarse. To attain the perfect grind size, the brewer must learn to control the tamping. The correct amount of pressure is essential to attain the perfect grind. Additionally, ensure that in the beans are evenly distributed during tamping.

    Water Temperature

If the water temperature is too high it destroys the essential accents in the coffee. Therefore, ensure that you select the appropriate temperature on your automatic espresso machine. Water volume is also essential when it comes to brewing an espresso on an automatic machine. A high volume of water may result in a bitter drink because it could collect the caffeine and tannic acid of the coffee. Water volume is especially important in automatic espresso machines that do not offer the option to control the quantity of coffee used per brew. Therefore, you must learn to control the volume and temperature of the water.

    Extraction time

Extraction time describes the period during which the water is in contact with the coffee. This time also determines the quality of coffee made. For instance, a longer extraction time means that the water has time to collect more solids from the coffee. While some solids make the quality better, others diminish the quality. The best way to check the extraction time is by using a stopwatch. For espresso, ten to twenty seconds are adequate.

Remember that all the factors above have an impact on each other. Therefore, it is important to understand each and every function of your automatic espresso machine.




Paleo diet as the right diet for your dog

Why dogs should have a paleo diet?

The current lifestyle diseases have not spared pets- dogs and cats. Dogs on Paleo diet have high energy levels and sleep well without any health challenges. Paleo diet has high nutritional content and calories ideal for healthy dogs. Unfortunately, the pet food stores have attractive and variety of pet food with chemicals and processed foods taking the pet food market by a storm. Any dog owner should not be tempted to fall prey but stick to Paleo diet, which mainly consists of meat with no grain or dairy products. Here are some of the reasons:

Improves mood

A dog’s mood is a complex action from the brain on the food they consume. Processed food reduces bowel movement in the acidic digestive system of dogs. The reaction makes them uncomfortable and changes their mood patterns. To manage the reaction, they become hyperactive or extremely docile and very irritable. The long term effect is a bad mood compared to dogs on strict Paleo diet.

Improved health

Naturally, dogs are meant to eat raw meat since their digestive system can accommodate the nutrients found in raw meat compared to humans. When you change the natural course and provide processed food due to their availability in the pet stores, you interfere with the normal body functioning of the dogs. Paleo diet maintains the health of the dog.

Increased energy levels

Paleo diet is easily absorbed in the intestines of the dogs. The absorption is fast and the food is automatically turned to glucose the lowest element in food nutrients which is the basic source of energy. Long-term consumption of Paleo diet means increased energy levels in dogs. This keeps them active and social- the nature of pets.

Reduces inflammation

Red meat contains high levels of omega acids and healthy fat, which is responsible for anti-inflammation challenges because of the better digestive ability of the food and cleans the blood stream which is always blocked and cause inflammation. Processed foods have a lot of chemicals and toxins, which interfere with the absorption rate of the foods They even block the walls of the arteries causing more serious health challenges.

Maintains healthy bacteria

Meat diet in dogs provides a conducive environment for multiplication of healthy bacteria creating a healthy balance for other body functions. Processed foods, on the other hand, produce bad bacteria fighting the healthy bacteria. In the end, it leads to compromised immune system and vulnerability to other illnesses that adversely affect the dog health life.

Processed foods have gluten, which is the main course of blockage in the intestines. This is the main reason why animal health experts recommend strict Paleo diet for dogs. When visiting the store, always ensure there is a clear label of the nutritional content of the pet food. Avoid meals, which contain gluten in their diet. From these benefits, it is evident that Paleo diet is the ultimate solution for dogs. The overall benefits surpass the benefits of processed food.

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