Against All Grain Cookbook Review + Giveaway

I promised to giveaway a copy of the Against All Grain cookbook once I hit 250 fans on Facebook. Well, we almost have 250 fans! I know it doesn't seem like a lot but considering I just created the page 3 months ago, it isn't too bad for not advertising it. We always need a reason to celebrate plus it will be a new year in 4 1/2 hours so I wanted to giveaway my favorite paleo cookbook. See below for instructions on how to enter or if you can't wait buy it now.

Let's talk about the cookbook. It is awesome! Plain and simple. You can see a sneak peek here. The author and New York Times best seller Danielle Walker did a fantastic job of combining paleolithic eating with a modern twist... she definitely took clean eating to a whole new level!

I bought this cookbook about 2 months ago and have really enjoyed making the recipes. All the photographs are beautiful and make my mouth water. My versions of her recipes may not turn out so beautiful but everything I have made was super delicious. We recently tried the Basil-Thyme Vinaigrette, most definitely the best salad dressing I have ever had.

Most of the baked goods in the cookbook call for almond flour but I have been experimenting with a combination of coconut flour and tapioca flour as substitutes. You can not substitute 1-for-1 but with some time and patience you can successfully make the change.

Here are a few of our favorites...

Spanish Frittata with Chorizo

I make this frittata at least once a week with breakfast sausage instead of chorizo. We actually just had it tonight for our new year dinner. My 2-year-old requested "tatta". It was one of the first recipe's I tried in the cookbook. This simple recipe was a huge hit with the entire family. It is very delicious and hearty.

You can totally get creative with it too! I've made this frittata without green peppers and added spinach. I also added broccoli once. You could add any type of veggie you like to the top. I also think a few slices of avocado on top really brings the flavors out and sends it through the roof. Read my review of this recipe here.

Pumpkin Spice Donuts

These pumpkin spice doughnuts were another huge hit with the family. I can't even tell you how many times I made these so far. Maybe 10 times, probably more. They are awesome!

It took me a while to get the right coconut flour measurements since I don't bake with nut flour (the original recipes calls for almond flour). I had to make sure they turned out with a doughnut consistency with tons of flavor. If you try them let me know what you think by posting a comment. Read my review of this recipe here.

This is the most valuable recipe I made so far. For some reason I never thought mayo could be healthy or fall into paleo guidelines. When I saw this recipe I was shocked. The photo looks exactly like store bought mayo. How could this be? Why is nobody talking about homemade mayo?

It turns out this is the easiest condiment I have ever made. All the ingredients are nutritious and it tastes just like store bought. I make this every time we are craving a turkey club sandwich (another one of Danielle's recipes in her cookbook).

I will admit I really messed up this mayo recipe a few times. You have to follow the instructions exactly otherwise you will have liquid on your hands. Not fun. Read my review of this recipe here.

Up next... (when I am feeling ambitious) the Allergy-Free Breakfast Cookies, Slow Cooker Sesame-Orange Chicken, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Can't wait! Stayed tuned for the reviews!

For Special Occasions
Danielle also has an eBook, Thankful, where she shows you how to create a festive, nutritious, and delicious holiday meal. I used it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because we are able to pay $4 per pound for an organic turkey we decided to start roasting more often, maybe every 3 months.

This is how my turkey turned out and this pumpkin pie is to die for. As you can probably already tell I don't follow her recipes exactly, I tailor them to suit our needs and to make it easier for me to pull off while two babies tug at my pant leg.

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