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Paleo diet as the right diet for your dog

Paleo diet as the right diet for your dog

Why dogs should have a paleo diet?

The current lifestyle diseases have not spared pets- dogs and cats. Dogs on Paleo diet have high energy levels and sleep well without any health challenges. Paleo diet has high nutritional content and calories ideal for healthy dogs. Unfortunately, the pet food stores have attractive and variety of pet food with chemicals and processed foods taking the pet food market by a storm. Any dog owner should not be tempted to fall prey but stick to Paleo diet, which mainly consists of meat with no grain or dairy products. Here are some of the reasons:

Improves mood

A dog’s mood is a complex action from the brain on the food they consume. Processed food reduces bowel movement in the acidic digestive system of dogs. The reaction makes them uncomfortable and changes their mood patterns. To manage the reaction, they become hyperactive or extremely docile and very irritable. The long term effect is a bad mood compared to dogs on strict Paleo diet.

Improved health

Naturally, dogs are meant to eat raw meat since their digestive system can accommodate the nutrients found in raw meat compared to humans. When you change the natural course and provide processed food due to their availability in the pet stores, you interfere with the normal body functioning of the dogs. Paleo diet maintains the health of the dog.

Increased energy levels

Paleo diet is easily absorbed in the intestines of the dogs. The absorption is fast and the food is automatically turned to glucose the lowest element in food nutrients which is the basic source of energy. Long-term consumption of Paleo diet means increased energy levels in dogs. This keeps them active and social- the nature of pets.

Reduces inflammation

Red meat contains high levels of omega acids and healthy fat, which is responsible for anti-inflammation challenges because of the better digestive ability of the food and cleans the blood stream which is always blocked and cause inflammation. Processed foods have a lot of chemicals and toxins, which interfere with the absorption rate of the foods They even block the walls of the arteries causing more serious health challenges.

Maintains healthy bacteria

Meat diet in dogs provides a conducive environment for multiplication of healthy bacteria creating a healthy balance for other body functions. Processed foods, on the other hand, produce bad bacteria fighting the healthy bacteria. In the end, it leads to compromised immune system and vulnerability to other illnesses that adversely affect the dog health life.

Processed foods have gluten, which is the main course of blockage in the intestines. This is the main reason why animal health experts recommend strict Paleo diet for dogs. When visiting the store, always ensure there is a clear label of the nutritional content of the pet food. Avoid meals, which contain gluten in their diet. From these benefits, it is evident that Paleo diet is the ultimate solution for dogs. The overall benefits surpass the benefits of processed food.

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