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Paleo:Brewing Coffee

Paleo:Brewing Coffee

paleoliving_____mornings_are_better_after_your_first_paleo_diet_coffeeFor most espresso lovers, espresso is not just a cup of coffee; it is a way of life. For most, the question remains whether one should get a manual espresso maker or a super automatic espresso maker. Most baristas advocate for a manual espresso maker because it provides greater control over the brewing process. However, there are a number of automatic espresso makers that provide an adequate brewing process and a perfect cup of coffee. If you decide to get a super automatic espresso maker you have an easier time making the coffee, as well as, cleaning after the brewing process. If you want to embrace the espresso lifestyle, the first step is to acquire an automatic espresso maker to make it with ease. The automatic espresso maker you buy should have at least the following features:

  • Programmable water quantity
  • An alternative to use for ground coffee
  • Coffee quantity program
  • Shot strength selection
  • Latte and Cappuccino option
  • Warranty from the manufacturer

An espresso machine with these options will help you get started off on the right path to an espresso lifestyle. The next step entails figuring out the best recipe for your espressos. There are a few factors that affect the quality of an espresso

    Grind Size

The grind size determines the quality of espresso you make. If the grind size is extra fine, the machines ability to pass water through the coffee is affected. On the other hand, the cream will be impossible to attain if the grind size turns out to be too coarse. To attain the perfect grind size, the brewer must learn to control the tamping. The correct amount of pressure is essential to attain the perfect grind. Additionally, ensure that in the beans are evenly distributed during tamping.

    Water Temperature

If the water temperature is too high it destroys the essential accents in the coffee. Therefore, ensure that you select the appropriate temperature on your automatic espresso machine. Water volume is also essential when it comes to brewing an espresso on an automatic machine. A high volume of water may result in a bitter drink because it could collect the caffeine and tannic acid of the coffee. Water volume is especially important in automatic espresso machines that do not offer the option to control the quantity of coffee used per brew. Therefore, you must learn to control the volume and temperature of the water.

    Extraction time

Extraction time describes the period during which the water is in contact with the coffee. This time also determines the quality of coffee made. For instance, a longer extraction time means that the water has time to collect more solids from the coffee. While some solids make the quality better, others diminish the quality. The best way to check the extraction time is by using a stopwatch. For espresso, ten to twenty seconds are adequate.

Remember that all the factors above have an impact on each other. Therefore, it is important to understand each and every function of your automatic espresso machine.