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Choosing offset smokers for your Paleo diet

Choosing offset smokers for your Paleo diet

Offset smoker is a grilling equipment characterized by cooking using hot air and smoke originating from the firebox on the extreme end of the smoker at a slightly lower level. Take an in-depth look with the reviews provided here.  They are designed with much consideration of various areas ideal for its usage. The design ensures the food is well smoked and the opposite side of the firebox is a chimney which directs the smoke to the outside environment. The market has various designs for smokers but they all lie in the same concept of passing hot air under the meat.

Offset smokers provide timely solutions to challenges offered by traditional smokers where there was no order in which smoke emitted was directed making it cumbersome cooking method.

 Factors to consider when acquiring an offset smoker

Heat regulation

A good smoker should be able to regulate the amount of heat passed to the meat. If there is too much heat, it leads to food burning yet the inner parts of the meat are raw. Ironically, regulation of heat is through control of the amount of oxygen. Air supports burning, the firebox should have a door, which can be opened and closed to regulate the flow of air hence heat regulation.

Reverse flow technology

The smoker is built on a reverse heat flow technology to maintain the right temperature in the  food compartment. How is this possible? There are three compartments in the smoker- the chimney, firebox, and the food plate. Heat originates at the firebox, once hot wood or charcoal is placed, the heat flows through perforated small holes to the food plate. The chimney is the avenue where any smoke produced is directed. It has a large hole, the pressure systems and surface area to volume ratio concept does not allow the smoke to reverse back to the firebox but directed to the chimney, making the food maintain its temperature.


Ensure the smoker is made with the concept of the cooking method considered. Look at the type of metal used. Steel is the most ideal for an offset smoker due to its ability to conduct heat and not rust when in contact with fluids especially water. Steel is also easy to clean and handle.

Flexible lids

Ensure your offset cooker has flexible lids to support frequent opening and closing. Check on the joints and the type of hinges used if they are long lasting.

Availability of other accessories

Ensure you have other accessories attached to your offset cooker. Some may be inbuilt while others are detachable. Accessories include grill plates, ash collector, charcoal remover, trailer, and shelves. The manual will guide you if they are part of the package and if not consider buying for future use.

Test all the compartments

Do not just pick the smoker and load it in your car, and go with it, get the smoker that is worth the money! Test for any blockages to prove the reverse system is functional, if there are any blockages. This will help you detect any manufacturer’s malfunctions to be corrected or replaced.

Despite the traditional concept of the smoker, it is still widely used for barbecue meals.