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The Benefits of Playing Ping Pong While on Paleo Diet

The Benefits of Playing Ping Pong While on Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is free of gluten got from dairy products and processed food. They are known to reduce energy levels of an individual. Ping Pong is a physical intensive game, which requires a lot of energy to enhance on endurance levels of the player. Paleo diet is rich in energy and uses natural minerals and vitamins which provide the right nutrition for a Ping Pong player. An athlete needs to practice everyday that’s why they should have a healthy diet that could sustain a healthy body and mind. Exercise and practice ping pong with the use of paddle itself, to know more about it, check this out:

Body Free from Toxins

Some minor ailments like asthma, stomach upsets and allergy are caused by consumption of processed foods; they hinder a Ping Pong player’s performance. Paleo diet lacks gluten which has many toxins which hinder the normal functioning of the body systems.


High Energy Levels

Since the diet lacks gluten, the body functions normally and there is added energy, which is vital for playing Ping Pong. The paleo diet converts foods to energy instead of fats which cause weight addition and in turn affects body movement of a table tennis player.


Reduces Pains

Pain is because of disruption of the normal body functioning.  Paleo diet enhances normal functioning hence reduces back aches or fatigue after an intensive game.


Enhance Absorption of Nutrients

Paleo diet improves absorption of nutrients faster to the blood stream and later converted to energy. Sugars and gluten meals are referred to anti-nutrients due to their ability to reduce absorption of nutrients making the body frail and tired all the time. They are also responsible for allowing undigested food to be absorbed in the villi of the small intestines making excretion a nightmare. This is uncomfortable for the player and it reduces his performance.


Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal body function but when it becomes a norm, it is a sign of a reaction to food. Paleo diet reduces inflammation making the player healthy and stronger to attack and face an intensive game with ease.


Maintains Gut Health

Paleo diet maintains good bacteria in the body, which boosts the immune system. It does not provide an environment for bad bacteria to thrive eliminating the good bacteria naturally found in the body. This ensures the gut is healthy to carry out normal functioning and keeps diseases like ulcers and gut-related illnesses at bay. The moments gut walls are damaged, toxins and foreign foods cannot be filtered they find their way directly to the blood stream; this has serious detrimental side effects. A Ping Pong player with a serious gut challenge cannot play the vigorous game.


Maintains the PH of the Body

Paleo diet has the ability to maintain the acidity or alkalinity levels of different body organs. This has a ripple effect on overall body functioning. The body will fight any foreign toxins on its own without any medicines. This means a player on this diet is always healthy and can practice as well as train Ping Pong on a daily basis without feeling fatigue, inflammation or pain.

Palo diet is recommended because of the health benefits it accords the body.

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